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Not much good can be said about having braces but the end effect was worth the whole thing. As one would expect, the process was painful but there was no sugarcoating it and the staff was so friendly. When my braces were removed I was so happy with my smile and could not stop smiling. I was lucky and had only about a year of braces until I was able to show off my gorgeous smile. I highly recommend.

I would completely recommend Dr. Garai to anyone looking for an excellent, qualified and caring orthodontist. He even put thought into his waiting room. While other orthodontists and dentists simply have a few toys and a TV, Dr. Garai's office is completed with 3 video game consoles, along with regular office contests! On top of that, for appointments and various other achievements, you can rack up points and earn gift cards to just about all of your favorite places!

My son has been treated by Dr. Garai since 2014 and Dr. Garai and his team have always been very professional and attentive. My son has never complained and was always looking forward to his visit to the office, especially when he knew that he was going to have additional points.

I like this points thing, its great! You can earn free things and gift cards. Also, my braces look great on me! Go to Garai!